Flying Over Lake Wawasee

Took my son flying for the first time and flew over Lake Wawasee. He got to see a number of familiar places including his mom and sister as we flew over our house during the trip. We flew in the Diamond DA-40 so it was a bit nicer than the small Cessna 152 🙂

Flying from Goshen to Elkhart

Today’s trip was in the Cessna 152 flying from Goshen (KGSH) to Elkhart (KEKM) to work on radio communications with a towered airport as well as landings. We did a few options at Elkhart and then a couple back at Goshen but this video cuts off after the first touch and go at Elkhart.

Power Off Stalls

When I first did stalls in the Cessna 152 I was completely freaked out by the shaking of the airplane I thought I was going to throw up. After doing stalls in the Diamond DA-40 I realized that they are not as bad as it seems and are actually very controllable. In this video you’ll see how the speed drops to about 40kts and you’ll hear the stall warning indicator. Then the plane slightly shakes as it stalls. To get out of the stall you simply drop the nose slightly and give it power then you can pull the nose back up with only a minimal amount of altitude loss. This maneuver is done twice in this video.

Slow Flight

During part of this flying lesson I worked on slow flight. You’ll notice that the airspeed went from 100kts down to about 45kts with no loss of altitude. As part of the lesson I climbed from 2,500ft to 3,000ft while turning and had flaps down.

Flying the Pattern

Flying the pattern a couple of times in a Diamond DA-40. This was my fist time flying the Diamond so it took a little while to get used to (compared to the Cessna 152). There was also a 90 degree 14 – 16 knot crosswind during the landing so my instructor had to assist a bit on the touchdowns.

This is my first recorded video but is my fifth flight since beginning my training as a pilot.

Today, winds were 18mph out of the west / northwest and the plane was getting blown around. We are in a Cessna 152 and working on takeoffs and landings in the wind / crosswind. We also worked on turns around a point and S curves with the heavy winds.

This video was shot on my iPhone XS Max and mounted via suction cup dash mount to the back window. You’ll notice that it only shakes a little bit during takeoff but the angle is pretty low so you mostly see the controls and not much of the horizon which is the angle I am looking to get. The audio is via bluetooth directly from my Bose A20 aviation headphones so the setup for this shot is pretty simple. I just wish I could get the instructor’s audio on this recording at the same level as mine. You can hear him faintly as my mic is picking up his voice in the background.

Vaughn with the Diamond DA-40. One day he’ll be flying this bad boy too!

Me with the Diamond DA-40 I’m training in

One of the Cessna 152’s I’m training in

The other Cessna 152 I’m training in