In just a few days I will be taking my practical test with an FAA examiner. I went up with my CFI to review all the different elements of the checkride as a refresher and to practice the maneuvers before I meet with the examiner.

Here are some time stamps for the various maneuvers:
0:00 – takeoff
8:40 – slow flight
14:00 – power off stall
16:15 – power on stall
20:30 – steep turns
25:00 – simulated engine failure (over a field)
31:00 – S-turns
39:00 – turns around a point
46:20 – VOR
59:30 – 1st landing (touch and go)
1:07:25 – 2nd landing (simulated soft field with touch and go)
1:13:15 – 3rd landing (simulated short field with 50′ obstacle & full stop)
1:18:40 – simulated engine failure in pattern

The video ended before the second and last simulated engine failure in pattern but I was able to make the runway this time since I aimed to land in the middle of the runway rather than at the beginning of the runway. The takeaway … in an engine failure, just put the plane on the runway and don’t worry about completing the pattern or hitting the beginning of the runway.

I was originally skeptical about posting this because there were a number of things I either did wrong or could have done better. However, I chose to post it anyway so I could review it and get better because of seeing it again. I also hope that someone learning how to fly gets to see it and learn from some of my mistakes and makes them a better pilot because of it.

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